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Fri Oct 20 15:27:26 MDT 1995

Rakesh wrote:

> In a previous reply to Robert Perrone, I indicated several unhelpful and 
> reactionary directions Black self-determination has and can take
> (everything from entrepreneurial set-aside programs to an independent Black
> Belt bantustan to support for mayors based solely on their color to calls
> for a separate legal system operating in the ghetto to schools with a
> special Afrocentric curriculum).  I don't think any of this should be
> supported.  
I view black nationalism as an expression of an oppressed people's demand 
for self-determination. As with any other social movement, there are deep 
divisions as to ideology, perspective, and strategy. To support black 
nationalism does not mean that you must support every position that the 
leadership takes any more than since one supports trade unionism one must 
support the position of all of the trade union "leaders."

Demands for black-owned business may be "unhelpful", but they are not always 

I have *no* problem with "schools with a special Afrocentric curriculum." 
I don't exactly think Afrocentrism is the best view of history, but if 
African-Americans want to have some special schools where 
African-American culture and history can be taught, I say: right on!


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