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Fri Oct 20 18:37:36 MDT 1995

Rakesh wrote:

> Jerry urges a complex view towards Black nationalism; for example he
> suggests that Black enterprise is not harmful <snip> 

That is *not* what I said in a previous post. I said that it might not be 
"helpful" (Rakesh's original phrase), but that it was not necessarily 

> Also I doubt if Jerry would be as tolerant of an attempt by Christian
> parents to have their children taken out of a period of composition or math
> or physics or art to be inculcated with creationism.  So why the tolerance
> for Afrocentric history?

My dear Rakesh: Christian creationism can not be equated with Afrocentric 
history. One *is* a reactionary social movement, one is *not*.  


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