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I see that I slightly mis-stated the nature of the computers for
Cuba project. Here is the full data:

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         PROJECT INFOMED - Computers for Cuba's Medical System
When Cuba's Ministry of Public Health lost its $1 million budget
for medical journals and books, they created a computer network
called INFOMED to disseminate medical information.
Project INFOMED is a project of Peace for Cuba Task Force,
designed to provide the Ministry with 800 computer terminals for
use by physicians, medical students and research scientists.
The first 200 machines (IBM-type PC-XTs and 286 ATs) will be
carried in an INFOMED/Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan
Six through the western United States and Canada.
On January 31, 1996 the caravan will cross the Mexican border
into Tijuana, where a chartered Cuban airliner will carry the
cargo, plus the caravanistas, to Havana for a week's program in

1. Caravan drivers and riders to accompany the shipment and to
spend a week in Cuba with IFCO/Pastors for Peace.

2. Participants for the crossing at San Isidro/Tijuana on
January 31, 1996 (Just one day).

3. Computer technicians in Oakland/Berkeley and in Palo Alto/San
Jose areas to service and repair PCs.

4. Computers, monitors, printers, modems, keyboards.

5. Money. (All donations are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) )
Dave Wald  dwald at   and  Juan Reardon at
P.O. Box 450  Santa Clara, CA 95052   (408) 243-4359

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