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Sat Oct 21 11:28:33 MDT 1995

On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, CHRISTOPHER SCOGGINS wrote:

> Those who argue that the disbanding of Canada and the assimilation of 
> English Canada into a 51st state wouldn't necessary be such a bad 
> thing, after Quebec independence fail to realise that Canadians 
> presently possess social services that Americans can only dream about.
> We have lower crime, tough handgun legislation, better trade union 
> rights, and a parliamentary system which allows low income people to 
> have at least some voice in the political process.  

	I could never understand how someone can be a marxist and then
give something more than lip-service to our _supposedly_ wunnerful
`parliamentary' system -- and even support a scenario where only the pigs
and the military have the guns... 

	YOU gonna support _our_ `Allende'??

> Quebec independence will obviously lead to American big business 
> viewing English Canada as weak and vulnerable.

	Canada has been weak and vulnerable from the day of its founding!
It's never been a real country -- only somebody's colony/junior imperial

  Canadian progressives 
> should unite behind the NO campaign as a means of defending the 
> social services that were won by political struggle only a generation 
> ago.  We do not want to fall into a system which is controlled by the 
> wealthy and powerful in the USA.

	What cave did YOU crawl out of??  We are DE FACTO controlled by
the wealthy and powerful of the USA -- what's _different_ about our
`post-Trudeau' era is that the reactionaries are in the process of
switching their allegiance from the British imperialists to the Yankee

  Native rights in Canada are also 
> better defended by a strong, united Canada, where convening a 
> Constituent Assembly for a new deal could be a reality.

	I can't believe I'm reading this in the Marxism List...

> A Luta Continua,

	Sure...  Whatever...

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