Quebec Independence

Sat Oct 21 16:58:36 MDT 1995

The issue of Quebec independence is so unclear as to its political 
consequences that even the Communist Party of Quebec, which should
be fully aware of the merits of both sides of the debate, were unable 
to come to a clear position on the referendum at their last congress in 
Montreal, and have decided to therefore suggest to its members to destroy
their ballots  in the referendum.

However disappointing this decision appears to be, it should be 
sufficient to put to rest the blind enthusiasm that some 
members of the left in North America have for the cause of Quebec
 independence.  The most fundamental question for the left on the 
issue must always be:  does the division of Canada into three pieces further the 
political and economic objectives of the working class in Quebec and 
in the rest of Canada?

Aqui No Se Rinde Nadie !

Christopher Scoggins
Box 475, Wolfville,
Nova Scotia BOP 1XO

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