Quebec Independence

Ryan Daum rdaum at
Sat Oct 21 15:44:06 MDT 1995

>  Self-determination isn't necessarily the same thing as independence. If 
>  the Quebecois decide they wish to remain part of the Confederation, that 
>  is still self-determination, because they decided, instead of having it 
>  forced upon them.

This is exactly the point though: a) the Quebecois have the right to
self-determination, yes or no.  However, this right cannot and should not be
infringed upon by external forces: i.e. the federal government, the Reform
the NDP, or, even worse so-called "Marxists" who apologize for imperialism...

But the second point is b) the breakup of the Canadian state _does_ in many
respects represent a step forward for Quebecois.  I will not advise Quebecois
vote "oui" but I will say that I support my comrades in Quebec who _are_
campaigning for a yes vote based on anti-imperialist principles.

Agains this prisonhouse of peoples --

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