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Sat Oct 21 16:11:07 MDT 1995

On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

> 	It is interesting that people continue to defend Quebec's right to
> self- determination in the same breath as they defend "native" Canadians
> right for the same - did I miss something here or are people forgetting OKA.

You mean OKA under the leadership of the Liberal party of Quebec (i.e. 
the FEDERALIST party) and supported by the FEDERAL government of Canada?

> Also, the treatment of ethnic and racial minorities is worse in the province
> of Quebec than in all the rest of Canada - let us also not forget Bouchard's
> drive for "real" French Canadians to produce more babies - an attemept to
> reproduce an "authentic" race of French Canadians - sounds Hitleresque to me
> - before we rush to defend Quebec''s right to self - determination, let's
> also be reminded of all that which lurks behind the separatist movement (It's
> racism should be obvious) - knee jerk reactions and support of Quebec
> separatists do little in addressing the more substantive issues involved.

Excuse me if I sound grouchy and bitchy.  Because I am.  Firstly because 
I didn't get enough sleep, secondly because I think this reply is a 
muddled and disgusting piece of English Canadian chauvinism.

a) Since when is the separatist movement as a whole completely 
represented by the PQ/BQ?  Since when does the statement of Lucien 
Bouchard, or the fuckups of Jaques Parizeau represent the position and 
interests of the Quebec working class?

b) How can _you_ in the SAME BREATH support native self determination and 
attack Quebec self-determination?  Both peoples are historically 
oppressed, both are stuck in a nation _they_ didn't choose.  Granted, 
native peoples are in a far worse situation, but the _national question 
in the Canadian state will not be resolved until both oppressed groupings 
have had the right to decide their future_!

c) How can you make unqualified statements about the separatist movement 
as being "Hitleresque" and racist and not recognize your own 
contradiction here?  You just called a whole sum of people, who you don't 
know, and obviously have no contact with, racist, "Hitleresque" for 
demanding that they be given the right to control their own future.

Its disgusting, barely veiled imperialist mentality.

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