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> How presumptuous of you to assume that support for Quebecois independence 
> is a "knee jerk reaction." It is true that there are right-wing 
> nationalists in the Quebecois movement. It does not therefore necessarily 
> follow that the independence movement is reactionary.
> I may be showing my age, but I remember the Quebecois movement of the 
> early 1970s. That movement was an expression of an international 
> radicalization that was influenced, in large part, by the events of 
> May-June, 1968 in France. The Quebecois movement was, similarly, led by 
> revolutionary socialists and anarchists. Unfortunately, it was defeated. 
> The current movement, however, owes its heritage, in part, to that 
> earlier movement for independence. Like any *real* movement for 
> self-determination, it contains many different social forces and 
> perspectives. 
> Jerry

Finally, someone with a head on his shoulders.  Thanks, Jerry, for the 
cool and collected reply I have been unable to compose :-)

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