Nationalism, African-American and Quebecois

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On Sat, 21 Oct 1995 LeoCasey at wrote:

> Quebec independence would also have two deleterious consequences. First,
> there is little doubt that reaction in the rest of Canada would be end
> bilingualism and to strip the Francophone Canadians, a substantial national
> minority in the rest of the country, of their rights.

	A distinct possibility, but I think that would be the least of our

 Secondly, Canadian
> disintegration (and possibly assimilation into the United States) would
> almost certainly ensue, even if not in the short term. As a supporter of
> Canadian national independence (and a critical supporter of Canadian
> nationalism -- it can get silly at times), I do not see this as a positive
> development. Given the relative size and power of the two countries, such a
> development would mean the disappearance of a distinctive Canadian national
> culture and of the social democratic tradition within Canada.

	I think there is a tendency to underestimate the real effect and
power Canada has in the world, for whatever reasons.  Canada would QUICKLY
replace Mexico as America's `Other' IMO, and the developing crisis inside
the U.S. itself would only be exasperated by instability on both its

	Conceivably, this might even lead, tortuously, to the U.S' own
Constitutional Crisis in the next century... 

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