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Sun Oct 22 06:51:25 MDT 1995

While Valerie has powerfully criticized  the opportunism of the feminism
expressed by  those opposed to the MMM (no need to single out Ralph, I am
sure) and Leo expressed his disgust at Ralph's 'locker-room' equation of
principled behavior with possession of testicles,   Ralph is not nearly as
obnoxious in my opinion as someone who refuses to be crippled, no less, by
tunnel vision feminism:

"Too many of my comrades have been so crippled by either a white 
blindspot or a tunnel-vision feminsim that they can't relate to a 
million Black men rallying as men to criticize themselves for mistreating 
women and thus holding back their ability to contribute to the 
overall struggle of their community."
                          --Carl Davidson's first post on the MMM


ps. thanks to all for the exchange on Quebec.  My sense is that national
self-determination is a spent force here and everywhere.  For a provocative
comparison of Luxemburg's and Lenin's views on national self-determination,
see Paul Mattick's defense of the former in Anti-Bolshevik Communism.
Armonk, NY: Sharpe Press, 1977.  Mr. Alex Trotter once quoted from  this
specific essay on this line.  

Ralph on what it means to really have...

>the intellectual opportunists and
> mediocrities like Cornel West who hop on the bandwagon because
> they too lack the testicles they will worship on the Mall tomorrow
> to stand up for any principles.

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