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Today's NY Times has a bit of nonsense about the NOI's Web page versus 
similar wording found in ultraright Web pages. This, of course, is the 
same concept embodied in James Baldwin's "The Fire Next Time": Malcolm X 
as a black version of George Lincoln Rockwell.

I am currently reading "Defiance", a wonderful book on the Bielski 
Partisans. Tuvia Bielski was a Jew from Byelorussia who fought against 
the Nazi occupiers and saved the lives of ghetto Jews. They has base 
camps deep within the forests and made period raids into towns and 
villages and rescued Jews.

The Bielski Partisans were all Jewish. Bielski originally wanted to 
cooperate with the Communists, but they had a bit too much antisemitism 
in them for Bielski to handle. So Bielski went ahead and organized 
an exclusively Jewish resistance. He did so, as he put it, out of a love 
for "the Jewish people". Note that he didn't do so out of a love for 
socialism or the working-class, etc. Condemn him? Of course not.

But if you transpose the Bielski brigades to Palestine, with its ideology,
you have a whole different story. If anybody has read Leon Uris's 
"Exodus" or seen the wretched movie based on the novel, will realize that 
this is much of what Zionism is about.

Jewish nationalism in Byelorussia in 1942 is not the same thing as Jewish 
nationalism in Palestine in 1947. Context is everything.

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