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Sun Oct 22 14:24:21 MDT 1995

On Oct 21,  4:11pm, Ryan Daum wrote:
> Subject: Re: quebec referemdun
> On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:
> > 	It is interesting that people continue to defend Quebec's right to
> > self- determination in the same breath as they defend "native" Canadians
> > right for the same - did I miss something here or are people forgetting
> You mean OKA under the leadership of the Liberal party of Quebec (i.e. 
> the FEDERALIST party) and supported by the FEDERAL government of Canada?
	Well, let's not forget the behaviour of the Quebec authorities.

> Excuse me if I sound grouchy and bitchy.  Because I am.  Firstly because 
> I didn't get enough sleep, secondly because I think this reply is a 
> muddled and disgusting piece of English Canadian chauvinism.
> a) Since when is the separatist movement as a whole completely 
> represented by the PQ/BQ?  Since when does the statement of Lucien 
> Bouchard, or the fuckups of Jaques Parizeau represent the position and 
> interests of the Quebec working class?
	Do me a favour - don't put words in my mouth - I never suggested that
movement is completely represented by the PQ/BQ - I did however suggest that
those currently wielding the reigns of POWER in the movement are somewhat

c) How can you make unqualified statements about the separatist movement 
> as being "Hitleresque" and racist and not recognize your own 
> contradiction here?  You just called a whole sum of people, who you don't 
> know, and obviously have no contact with, racist, "Hitleresque" for 
> demanding that they be given the right to control their own future.
	Once again you've put your spin on what I said - I DID NOT refer to
the separatist movement as Hitleresque - I said that Buchard's comments were

> Its disgusting, barely veiled imperialist mentality.
	Just because you're tired and grumpy does not give you the right to
decontextualize my comments and twist them to your own agenda.  Imperialist
mentality - really- I don't think so!!!  My concerns are about the
reactionary sentiments which have been spewed by people like Bouchard - I was
not indicting the separatist movement in toto.


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