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	Just 2 quick comments on the Million Man March--
	I think Farakhan was cynically using not only surviving civil
rights figures like Rosa Parks, but the memory even of Malcom X--
who he had killed!!!(He may not have been directly involved(on the
other hand, he might have), but he was certainly responsible in the
sense of Henry II screaming "Who will rid me of this parish
priest?") He publicly said before the assassination that Malcom was
"a traitor who deserves to die" and after the assassination he said
that "he was our traitor and our Nation dealt with him."
	The really sad part is that most young people at the march(or
watching it) ASSOCIATE Farakhan with Malcom X.
	Secondly, murderous bastard, liar and imperialist war criminal
COLIN POWELL endorsed the march. He said that it was great because
so many black people came to Washington "not to demand anything
from the government, not to blame their problems on any one else,
but to atone for their sins."
	--Ben Burgis
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