Fascism seminar

Gonzalez, Francisco GONZALEZ at blue.usa.com
Mon Oct 23 07:38:35 MDT 1995

Just a thought on the fascism seminar: I think that reading what the 
fascist themselves proposed BEFORE achieving power could serve to 
understand the origins of their political ideology. Obviously "Mein 
Kampf" should be reviewed (and contrasted with Hitler's ACTUAL policies 
after 1933); but also Mussolini's writings prior to 1922, as well as Jose 
Antonio Primo de Rivera (founder of the Falange party in Spain before the 
Civil War) manifesto (I believe it's called the "Twenty-one points"). 

   Other fascist movements/dictatorships (French OAS; Portugal's Salazar, 
Argentina's Peron, etc..)  may also provide insight to the HOW and WHY 
fascism is implemented.

Francisco J. Gonzalez

gonzalez at blue.usa.com

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