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Mon Oct 23 03:20:15 MDT 1995

On 22 Oct 1995, Leo Casey wrote:
>...and one really has to live in Canada, I think, to
>obtain a good grasp of how the American news media
>filters and restricts our knowledge of Canada's
>political development.
 This is not the first reference I have seen on the list to
the allegedly heavily biased US media. I fail to understand
this. In Sweden no one and nothing escapes attention in
the media. This is for the simple reason that it is in the
economic best interest of the media to strike down on
whatever is scandalous, catastrophic or just plain old
spectacular. One might argue that the (capitalist) owners
of the press do not want to scrutinize themselves, which
may be true, but they sure as hell want to scrutinize each
other. Media competition is as cut-throat as any.
 In short: Can someone explain why the above is not true
in the US of A?
Otto Medin

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