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>On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:
>> Heavens no. Marx celebrated the civilizing powers of capitalism. This is a
>> fundamental difference between Marxians and greens, anarchists, and
>> suchlike.
>not so fast. I'm going to look up Marx's stuff on India, but there
>was always a strong element of support for the oppressed underlying the
>dialectical analysis of capitalism.  Marx deplored moralising but he was
>also the world's greatest ever denouncer and he would be doing heaps of
>denouncing in the case of the Iroquois.

I realized just after I sent that that it was incomplete. Of course, Marx
would not have supported Canadian capital or the Canadian state's war
against indigenous people. My point was that he would not, however, have
been "on the side" of the latter in any simple, uncritical sense. Greens
and anarchists often romanticize the "primitive" in a way that is
completely alien to the Marxian tradition.



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