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Mon Oct 23 14:51:33 MDT 1995

You must be sending your emails from within a program which
is "Internet aware". What it is doing is taking your original
file and converting it from the native (say, WordPerfect)
format (which uses the entire 8-bit ASCII character set) into
an Internet format known as UUEncoding, which preserves that
8-bit information in a 7-bit format--and which therefore
looks like complete gobbledegook when read by the naked eye.

The only way to actually see this message is for people to
use a program to de-code the encoded form back to 8-bit,
and then load the same program you used (or one that can 
import its files) and read the restored original file.

I have loaded a freeware version of such a program to my
ftp site (, subdirectory econ\authors\Keen.Steve).
It is called Wincode; it's a bit awkward to use in some respects,
but it will do the job.

But a better bet would be for you NOT to use your email-aware
program and just send the original text, of course!

Steve K

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