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Tue Oct 24 00:08:50 MDT 1995

Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

  In one response to a post, Jerry (something or other) tried to
> equate the 1970s movement for Quebec independence with what is going on now -
> its like comparing apples and oranges <snip>

I did not try to "equate" the two periods. I _compared_ them. There is 
_no question_ that the Quebecois independence movement is _now_ largely 
being led by reactionaries. However, if we based our support for 
movements based only on the politics of the leadership, then we would 
hardly ever support any movements critically and would become hopeless 

  <snip> but I would ask him (Ryan, JL) and other members of this list who 
  non-critically support  Quebec's right to sovereignty <snip>

There you go again. Who was *"non-critically"* supporting the Quebecois 
independence movement?

> When the yes vote comes in, there will still remain a lot of unanswered
> questions - questions from minority constituencies and the aboriginal
> community which will then have to be dealt with.
Here, at least, we are in agreement. 


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