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At 11:26 PM 10/22/95 CDT, Scott Marshall wrote:
>>As Louis N
>>Proyect has noted,labor is inherently alienating. 
>I don't think this is true at all. Why? Isn't the alienation between social
>labor and private expropriation of the surplus value? IE: the difference in
>back breaking work to fic up my house for my family, and being paid $5 and
>hour to frame houses for a rip off construction company. I think most people
>enjoy and relish all kinds of productive and creative work - that's been my
>observation in every factory and other work situation I've been in.

Miklos Haraszti wrote a book about the relations of production in
"socialist" Hungary in 1971, in which he notes the satisfaction Hungarian
workers got from stealing scraps from the factory, taking them home, and
fabricating objects from them on their own time. They called the products of
this un-alienated labor "homers."

Haraszti had been kicked out of the university for being part of a study
group suspected of Maoist sympathies and unauthorized study of Marx and
Lenin ( :-o ). The English title of the book is _A Worker in a Worker's
State_, published by Universe Books in 1978.

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