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Adam Rose adam at
Tue Oct 24 09:54:20 MDT 1995

> > You might wish to argue that a broader based party is what is
> > required - or are you arguing that we don't need to build
> > parties ?
> > 
> Louis: A broader based party is what is needed, groups like the SWP 
> (either in their American or British incarnation) stand in the way.

How broad ?

Should it have revolutionaries + reformists in one organisation ?
Is a condition of membership believing that the working class 
is the key to change ?

Adam :-)

( Incidentally, if there was a real movement towards a mass left
reformist/centrist party in the UK, the SWP would probably be a
part of it, either trying to win the whole thing over to
revolutionary politics or as many of the rank + file as possible.
We wouldn't stand in its way at all - and I believe the ISO
would have a similiar attitude re: a Labour Party in the US,
although I wouldn't want to speak for them ).

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