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Tue Oct 24 23:47:44 MDT 1995

Proyect says we should demarcate against the DSA
and ON questions of our own society--not the Soviet Union,
and presumably not China.

This is convenient for allowing a wide variety of people
with unanchored imaginations into an organization. Yet
such is ultimately an attempt to return the communist
movement to pre-scientific times.

Proyect has it all backwards: how can we build socialism
where it hasn't existed before if we can't agree
on socialism where it has existed before? Science advances
by answering questions, not dodging them.

We notice a strange thing about Trotskyists: while
a revolution like China, the Soviet Union or Vietnam
is in progress, they create all kinds of difficulties
by among other things splitting the movement.
After it's over with and disintegrating, they start 
"defending" it. And when it's obviously dead or
useful only for flights of fancy, post-Trotskyists
celebrate it--a la Cuba.

Look at how Proyect just said that Cuba cannot be reproduced,
but he spends a lot of time admiring that revolution as
an example. That's what I mean by strange.

Verbal adherence to distant socialist goals is not
as necessary as realistic analysis and work to get to those
goals. That is to say unified action is more important
than platonic and paper-centered unity a la DSA.
Unified action is difficult to achieve. It involves hard work
and ultimately joint scientific experiences. That's
not possible without materialism, and taking stands
on reality.

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