Rudeness on the Marxism list

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Oct 25 08:15:47 MDT 1995


I see that TimW333521 is offended by my rudeness.

There's a lot of rudeness on this list. People throw tantrums, they go up 
to their rooms and sulk, they come back when they feel better. This is 
not a faculty lounge. This is not some left-wing sect where a guru like Jim 
Robertson, TimW333521 or Jack Barnes can get up and say whatever pops 
into their noggin and look out into an audience of fawning, grinning 

This list is more like a holiday dinner of an extended and very 
dysfunctional family. Some of us are drunk, others are talking to 
themselves, but everybody speaks with passion. The discussion that goes 
on here is not about what text to use for a sophomore political 
science course, but ultimately how to save humanity and life on the planet.

Tim, this is an unmoderated list. Nobody can tell me to soften my tone. I 
"softened my tone" for the 11 years I was in the SWP and that was enough 
for me. I like the tone of people like Rosa Luxemburg. Compared to what 
she said to Kautsky, etc., I am like a new-age psychotherapist. Anybody 
can get on the stage of the Marxism list and perform. This place is like 
amateur night at the Apollo. You will not be pulled off the stage if you 
bomb, you will be booed off.

That is what happened to you when you told us all a while back that we 
were supporting genocide in the former Yugoslavia because we didn't 
support NATO/UN intervention. This will cause sparks to fly and they did. 
I have been writing non-stop about the Unabomber and red/green issues for 
over a year on the list and you pretend that you are the first person 
addressing these sorts of issues. To hell with you, Wolforth. You act 
this way and I'll enjoy being rude to you.

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