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	Louis's "reply" to Adam was insufficient, dodged the real
issues thar Adam brought up and--rather than answer his arguments
on WHY its important to be clear on your adittude towards what was
1/3 of the world(and how this adittude influences the rest your
politics) Louis merely dishes out insults towards the ISO/SWP and
implies that were all a bunch of impractical ultra-left
"sectarians"(a word I'm beginning to suspect means in Louis's
definition any one and every one not in the CoC) who should be kept
out of larger movements. Is Louis really such a western chauvinist
that he believes that Russia, China, etc. don't matter? I doubt it.
Does he believe that anti-Stalinist socialists who want to
overthrow Stalinist governments should unite into the same
political party with those that uphold them?
 	I agree with Adam--the basic dividing line between
revolutionary Marxists and other political tendencies is their
agreement with Marx's statement that "the emancipation of the
working class is the act of the working class" and it can't be
dodged because it inconviently gets in the way of "unity for
unity's sake."

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