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Thu Oct 26 19:21:33 MDT 1995

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

> 	The Marxism list should be aware that a significant change in the
> Labor movement has just taken place that will, at least somewhat, affect
> the lives of millions of workers... the Sweeney/Trumka/Chavez-Thompson
> slate won election yesterday to the top offices of the AFL-CIO.  A
> 51-person (reportedly more diverse) Executive Council was also elected. 
> 	Sweeney et al. defeated Donahue and Easterling by 7.3 million to 5.7
> million votes.  The one relatively sure change from this election will be
> that more money will go to Union organizing than ever before.  Be on the
> watch for a union organizer in your area!  Soon!  Give them a hand! 
> 				-- Jeff Booth
Jeff this was reported this morning in the Murdoch press here in 
australia as more or less "same shit, 
new flies".  They down played any difference between the teams.  If you 
have time I would very much appreciate hearing more about the new team.
A revival of the American Labor movement would change the world.



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