Cyberseminar reporters call, #2

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Oct 27 09:46:24 MDT 1995

This a second call for reporters. If nobody responds for the core books, 
no problem. Just prepare remarks on the literature you think is important 
at the appropriate time.

I will be more than happy to report on the core books. I have an ulterior 
motive. I think the Marxist understanding of fascism is in drastic need 
of an overhaul. The research I am doing will probably figure into a 
book-length work on the subject I would write at some point. I also plan 
to take a trip out to Montana or some other western state and try to get 
beneath the ideology of the militias and figure out what's happening at 
the level of political economy. (I bet there are a few people on this list 
who are praying to whatever demon god they worship that I don't come back.)

So, here is what I posted yesterday. Reply if you feel up for it, 
otherwise, I'll keep you posted when the first session starts:
1. Prefascism:

K. Marx, "18th Brumaire" 
Reporters: ________________________

C. Vann Woodward, "Tom Watson Agrarian Rebel"
Reporters: Louis, ____________________

2. Fascism:

Leon Trotsky, "The Struggle Against Fascism"
Reporters: ___________________________

Daniel Guerin, "Fascism and Big Business"
Reporters: ___________________________

Nicos Poulantzas: (Hinrich Kuhls should suggest the key titles)
Reporters: _____________________________

"Cultural Theory, etc." (I'm not sure of the titles, I will allow Jon 
Beasley-Murray, Marxist/Cultural Theorist extrodinaire and list founder 
to come up with something)
Reporters: Jon Beasley-Murray, ___________________________

3. Postfascism:

James Ridgeway, "Blood in the Face". 
Reporters: ________________________________

James Baldwin, "The Fire Next Time".
Reporters: ________________________________

Malcolm X, "Autobiography".
Reporters: ____________________________________

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