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Sat Oct 28 09:50:14 MDT 1995

Stu, it's really very simple. I delete all of MIM's posts unread except 
for the occasional one that I'd like to use as an excuse for a joke. 
Please feel free to delete mine. You know the sort of thing I'm into at 
this point, so I won't surprise you with an exegesis of ground rent, etc.

Here is what happened. A year or so ago, I was in your position. The list 
was dominated by *lengthy* discussions of dialectics and the LTV in the 
abstract. Then it was hijacked by political activists who seemed 
insistent on applying Marxism to the real world, in obvious defiance of 
Marx's original aim.

I can empathize with the Marxist professor of economics from Rattlesnake 
State University in East Jesus, Nebraska. All he or she wants to do is 
discuss Grundrisse and they have to wade through all this nonsense on the 
Nation of Islam. Disgraceful.

Your problem, Stu, is that the sort of things that you and James like to 
chew over is really of not much interest to political activists. It is 
the sort of thing that keeps academic quarterlys in business.

Perhaps if you or some of the other poor, beleagured academics on the 
list could write compellingly about some of the abstract issues you feel 
so strongly about, there would be more participation from the proles on 
the list.

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