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(Rob Frantz used to s*ubscribe to the Marxism list and got into some nasty 
scraps with me over Marx's alleged "antisemitism". This is something he 
posted to the Trotsky newsgroup.)
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Subject: I applaud Spart & WL positions on Million Man March 

God knows, I haven't had too many nice things to say about Spartacist.....
and why should I? Still after buying the 10/20/95 issue of Workers Vanguard
and reading the article on the Million Man March entitled "Farrakhan's 
Reactionary Dead End-Million Man March Appeases Racist Exploiters," I 
must say they pulled no punches and told it like it is---it was a 
demonstration organized by a reactionary nationalist, a racist, 
anti-woman, anti-gay, ferocious anti-Semite and quite simply
enemy of all working people, blacks included. As anyone whose read my 
posts has seen, while I once was a Trotskyist, a Leninist and Marxist,
I am no longer. That doesn't mean I can't applaud an excellent analysis
within the Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist framework, even though I may not 
totally agree with it. The section headings proclaim clearly "Reactionary 
Message, Reactionary Messenger" and "Farrakhan: Bad News for Black People."
They uncover the sinister, Mafia-like turf game the Nation of Islam is 
playing within the black ghettos. Their government-funded security patrols,
racist rhetoric against Jews, Koreans and Palestinian Arab shop owners, 
past and present are part of a scheme to muscle more and more control of 
business and police functions in US black communities. Farrakhan's 
manouvered black and white liberals into supporting him, all the while 
pursuing his reactionary goals. It's a revolting sight to see and the Sparts, 
bless their souls, are, along with their arch-enemy the Workers League, who 
take a similar hostile stance in the 10/23/95 issue of the International 
Workers Bulletin, which I also applaud, amongst the few on the left who 
see it and see it clearly. I highly recommend these articles, Bravo. 

Rob "Blow Harmonica Blow" Frantz
Seattle, WA

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