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Mon Oct 30 08:25:40 MST 1995

Gary wrote:
>On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:
>> On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Matt D. wrote:
>> > >Poulantzas died 1979; his last interview was published in Marxism Today,
>> > >July 1979.
>> > 
>> > Is it true that P. jumped off a bridge or something?  I had a teacher
back in
>> > the old days who used to use this (purported) example along w/ Althusser's
>> > murdering his wife as an example of the "crisis of structural Marxism."
>> 	Hey -- maybe he was pushed...
>Poulantzas committed suicide by jumping out of a window.  Althusser 
>suffered from schizophrenia.

Actually, Althusser was manic-depressive (bipolar), no?  I believe his
wife suffered from -- what's the clinical term? -- oh yes, *death*.

>Could we stop the stupid jokes about things 
>like this?  Some of us on this list suffer from mental health problems

That's the truth!  Whatever happened to Robert Sch -- no, I'll not risk
that devil!  :)

>and some of us have those who are near and dear to us who also fall into 
>that category.

Well, I hope they're not falling from too high a window, ala N.P.!

>The physically disabled and the mentally ill are 
>possiblily the most diespised and disadvantaged of all groups.  

Are they?  In any event, since I neither despise nor place at a
disadvantage the "challenged," and I just *love* Althusser (really!), you can
chill out, okay?

-- Matt "I could stand to get to the gym myself" D.

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