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Sun Oct 29 09:41:43 MST 1995

I don't see why people can't take sabbaticals if they want to...  Very 
early on, Rakesh took a rest after having posted a lot, and Chris Burford 
has now been away for a little while.  If Louis wants to take a break, 
that seems fine, though I personally will be waiting with interest for 
his return.

On the other hand, it might be as good if not a better idea for some 
people (Louis included) just to slow down a little.  Perhaps work by some 
kind of rule like "just one post a day keeps the flames away."  
Whatever.  Especially now that Louis has been organizing the cyberseminar 
(to which I'll definitely be contributing--I have a paper on fascism 
which deals with Deleuze and Guattari, Reich, and Laclau which I hope to 
put up on the archive when I can find my disk again), perhaps he 
shouldn't drop out completely.

Take care


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