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Sun Oct 29 09:03:33 MST 1995

Sorry, this fell off the last posting.

Finally, Doug, you seem to be the only person on the list who has missed
(ignored?) what I wrote about the MMM. Your challenge that I did not develop
my own ideas on the question prior to taking on the establishment of Reed as
authority on the question is entirely without foundation. Similarly, your
snide implication that my reply to a posting attacking me for suggesting that
we need a critical concept of race was an excuse for failing to present my
own ideas is really utterly disingenuous. I was replying to an attack on a
posting in which I had taken some time to explain why, in my view,
African-American oppression had been (incorrectly) framed as a question of
national oppression, especially within American Marxism, and since you were
part of that exchange, what are we to make of your suggestion that it never
took place?

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