Ken Saro-Wiwa to die

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Oct 31 06:52:12 MST 1995

At 1.35 pm London time, the BBC has just carried the news that
the Nobel Prizewinner Ken Saro-Wiwa has been sentenced to death in 

Under the military regime, there is no right of appeal to a higher court.

This issue has major implications for classes and human rights within 
third world countries, for relations of inequality, exploitation and 
oppression of third world countries by former imperialist countries,
for devastation of the environment, and for the accountability of major
transnational companies such as Shell.

In view of the success in spreading the word internationally about Mumia,
I wonder if subscribers see any possibilities of raising the question of 
Ken Saro-Wiwa in a similar way?

Any ideas?

Chris Burford, London.

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