Liverpool dockers

Adam Rose adam at
Fri Oct 13 09:23:32 MDT 1995

I've just done a collection at work ( a non union technology company )
and raised 25.65.

The interesting thing about this figure is that I've actually been able to
collect more for them than for the nurses a few months ago.
As a colleague said when I mentioned this to her "it's because everyone's 
pissed off". Even the personnel officer gave some money !

There's a support group being set up in Manchester and the money will go there.

Because the strike is unnofficial the T+G, the dockers union, won't give them
a penny. They're bowing down to the law and waiting for a Labour government.

So this will be a test of the employers versus whatever "unnofficial" 
activists can deliver - as is bound to be the case in the early days of a
Labour government.

Adam Rose

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