marxism-digest Freudian slip

Chris Burford cburford at
Fri Sep 1 07:35:21 MDT 1995

I had of course intended my message "who marxism-digest" to go to

majordomo at etc and not to marxism at etc.

However, perhaps drowning myself a little under the volume of the mail
I was hoping that a few more people would switch to the digest, to
reduce the addictive temptation to think you have to read several times
a day in order to be able to respond a late breaking character assassination,
as wittily as possible.

With the digest the mail comes batched in blocks
of say ten posts with the headings stripped off and a table of contents,
so IMO it makes skimming easier, unless you already have a sophisticated
mail programme.

At the end of the month I usually try to check who marxism and who digest
to get a sense of how large the group is. I will share the full
results with the list.

But just on the digest alone during the month of August the number of
digest subscribers went up from 46 to 51. Considering this is a holiday
period, that might suggest a trend over the months ahead.

Chris B, London

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