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Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Sep 1 07:43:46 MDT 1995


I have an experience of learning german at Goethe Institut
in a small city of Southwest Germany.
Most of my teachers there seemed green (Gruenen) or SPD

Chris B:

Having just completed a certificate with the Goethe Institut
I was relieved by Paul's benign comments, as well as those of Hinrich.
(Paul's clipped style makes me slightly in awe of him, as an
apparent authority on ideology.)

I would agree with Iwao from my own experience. Our textbook
had themes on the environment, women painters, poets, playwrights
including Brecht, and even a passage from one of the early works of Marx.

I think Iwao is right that it is an organ of German foreign policy.
As it such has strong social democratic components to it, even when the
Christian Democrats are in power, and this provides a niche for people
who are a little "alternativ", but not so much so as to frighten the
business men away.

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