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Fri Sep 1 09:22:03 MDT 1995

Will Brown

Production of a number of important commodities
has now been concentrated on a world scale
in the hands of less than five companies.
The tendency of concentration forced by
competition is as old as capitalism and
global monopolies are not new. But I would
tentatively suggest that there is no precedent
for a number of major commoditiies to be
produced across the globe by handful of
companies which are out of the effective
control of one nation state.

It seems to me that the control of this
monopolistic tendency will be a primary
task of a world ruling class if one exists.
The interests of capital in general cannot
be sacrificed to the power of one capitalist
monopoly. Just as the anti-trust laws
in the USA were the act of american capital
in general against a number of american
monopolists created by the forces of a world ruling class
will have to face the problem of monoplist
power on a global scale.

Below I list instances of near world
monopoly from my limited
knowledge of the world economy.
Id be interested in further examples
or criticism of my thinking:

CPUs for Pcs
Intel and Power PC combine (motorola, apple, IBM)

(Texas,Siemmens, NEC, Hitachi)

Boeing, Aerbus

Big aero engines
Pratt and Whitney (United Tech), GEC (US)
Rolls Royce

Big power generators

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