Marxism and the Militias and the Cold War

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On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, kevin john geiger wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Aug 1995 g.maclennan at wrote:
> > Here in Brisbane (Jeezuss) we are beginning to make some gains in the
> > area of foreign policy and the protection of the rights of the East
> > Timorese because the Indoesian military-filth are no longer necessary as a
> > bulwark against communism.  The dialectic lives! --- >
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> > Gary
> I am not sure about the recent developments you are referring to .  For far
> too many East Timorese, and comrades in solidarity around the globe, any
> of the gains you mention are "too little, too late."  Australia did much to
> prevent any effective dialogue on the invasion in 75.  Gains to
> Australian capital in their little agreement with the Indonesians were
> sickening.  So much so that, IMHO, the debt can not be made up
> through foreign diplomacy.
> But, by all means, throw another shrimp on the barbie!
> Kevin

Give us a break for fuck's sake.  I 'm an Irish immigrant.  I hate
shrimps and barbies, though I am partial to beer.  I'm talking here not
of bourgoeois diplomacy.  Of course the Australian government has
blood on its hands.  I made that clear in another post. I'm a
revolutionary Marxist and actually do not feel responsible for the
actions of the running dogs.  Granted we must oppose them and in my own
way over the last twenty years I have fought in not a few causes.  All
defeats of course.  Still...

But the recent furore over things such as the burning of the Indonesian
flag and the arrival of Timorese refugees has meant that the Right of the Australian Labor Party cannot follow through
with its plans to stifle opposition to the pact it has made with the
Indonesian dictatorship.  The Labor Party was forced for instance to say
no the butcher that was proposed as the Indonesian ambassador to Australia.

I know what we have done is all pathetically small compared with what is
necessary.  You are correct.  The dead indeed are many and I personally
have done bugger all in this area.  But the Catholic Workers Group has been
very active.  Mere irritation to the powers that be of course, but it is
better to light a single candle than sit and curse the darkness.

Anyway I have a new burst of energy back and will get involved in the
campaign.  It will mean having to stomach prayers and all that flopping
and religious whining, but if Paris was worth a mass then so are the
Timorese People.  I will keep this list posted of developments.



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