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Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Sep 1 06:34:50 MDT 1995

>Chris B:

>I would agree with Iwao from my own experience. Our textbook
>had themes on the environment, women painters, poets, playwrights
>including Brecht, and even a passage from one of the early works of Marx.
>I think Iwao is right that it is an organ of German foreign policy.


I know nothing of the Geothe Institute, but has anyone ever been to Trier
(sp) Marx's birthplace in Germany? That was one of the most enjoyable trips
of my life. The museum is great and has really neat books, posters and
pictures of Marx. On his birthday there are all kinds of festive activities
and lectures etc. It's a small town. Interesting about nationalism eh.

Mein deutch is nichts so gut aber.....

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