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> Will Brown
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> The interests of capital in general cannot
> be sacrificed to the power of one capitalist
> monopoly. Just as the anti-trust laws
> in the USA were the act of american capital
> in general against a number of american
> monopolists created by the forces of
> a world ruling class
> will have to face the problem of monoplist
> power on a global scale.
  Anti-trust legislation could be seen as beneficial to US capital as a
whole (particularly since it is directed against monopolies, a rarity,
rather than oligopolies, increasingly the norm in major branches of
production), but it was the result historically of a popularist movement
(the so-called "trustbusters") against monopolists and "robber barons."

Individual nation states have an effective mechanism for the control of
firms; there is no comparable mechanism on a global scale that can defend
the interests of the "world ruling class." Why? Individual nations have
sovereignty -- something which greatly disturbs transnational
corporations. Who can enforce the interests of world capital? The UN? The
IMF? The World Bank? All three of these institutions are structured in
such a way that it is often very difficult for them to act to defend
their common interests (see a thread a few days ago on the world bank).

Will this change any time soon? I don't think so. One "solution" would be
a world government. However, capital is too divided regionally and
internationally and the force of nationalism and the power of
nation-states is too great to expect this to happen.  Expect world
socialism or the end of history before world capitalism without nations.


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