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Fri Sep 1 08:30:47 MDT 1995

Juan includes two quotes from Marx in his latest post. The first comes
from the 1844 Manuscripts and the second from _The Poverty of Philosophy_
(1847).  Marx developed his ideas regarding political economy and the
"scientific method" further in later years of his life. His understanding
of dialectics and abstraction was somewhat different when he wrote
_Capital_ from his earlier 1847 views.

What is "pure reason"?  Can "pure reason" be applied towards
understanding social and material reality? I think that Marx's very
choice of the word *pure* is a reflection of his 1847 thinking when his
materialist analysis was not fully developed. I don't want to
misrepresent Juan, but his ideas strike me sometimes as more "early Marx"
and Hegelian (in terms of modes of expression).

Constructing an analysis of capitalism was not for Marx an entirely
intellectual exercise like the works of Hegel. Remember the _Thesis on
Feuerbach_? Marx's purpose was not entirely an intellectual exercise but
was a political one as well.


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