militias, etc.

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Yeah, the degree of surprise is kinda disingenuous - "What? The LAPD has
racist cops?  Horrors, no!"  But your comments, Valerie, throw some moe
light on Bosnia: if it was ok for the US to massacre nonwhites at MOVE
and Kuwait/Iraq, think how hard it would be to argue for military support
of Bosnia: killing whites to save Muslims...

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On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

> On Aug 31,  3:27pm, jones/bhandari wrote:
> > Subject: Re: militias, etc.
> >
> > Which led me think of all money which is being used to harrass so many very
> > people in the search for the Una-bomber (isn't this the biggest FBI
> > investigation ever?), while cross-burners, abortion clinic bombers, racist
> > cops, anti-immigrant vigilantes and so many others are relatively ignored.
> > The latter are responsible for much greater and more indiscriminate
> > violence.  I wish those agents  would be devoted to trying to entrap racist
> > cops who have terrorized many, many innocent people. But then again the
> > people I know are much more likely to be harmed by the police than the
> > anti-urban terrorist.  >
> > By the way, what do people think about the Fuhrman tapes (which partially
> > explains why I may be in my 'fomenting' mode)?  Will Militia and Patriot
> > members or supporters be joining in the protests over racism among
> > America's finest? Perhaps they'll be the last opponents of this sort of
> > state authority?
> I find this Fuhrman stuff all really amusing - of course not pleasantly
> amusing.  It is quite remarkable that this incident is being referred to as a
> "wake up" call for America.  Where have these people been till now???  Mark
> Fuhrman as an aberration - I don't think so.  I recall a few years back the
> Village Voice did an expose of the LAPD (as if the NYPD are any better) in
> which the reporter anonymously interviewed four LAPD officers, now this was
> shortly after the Gulf War and these officers were gleefully suggesting that
> the LAPD should engage in "strategic" bombing of certain neighbourhoods in LA
> - obviously those occupied by Blacks and Latinos - in much the same way that
> the US forces "surgically" bombed Iraq.  I also find it interesting tat we
> have all these judges and law enforcement officials expressing their outrage
> about the content of the tapes - I can't be as certain about the US but I'm
> sure the situation is the same if not worse than here in Canada wherein
> judges, cops, RCMP, etc. are members of white supremist groups.  These folks
> give a whole new meaning to law and order!!!!
>   Fuhrman has bragged about everyone covering for him, and in the
> > case here with the racist cops, the desire to barbecue was expressed
> > publically over the radio system...without any opposition.
> >
> >Let's not forget the Rodney King incident - despite the fact that it was
> videotaped and 27 cops watched it taking place, in their reports, they
> claimed they didn't see anything and the reports themselves were filled with
> inaccuracies, etc.  Now that's a "code of silence"!!!
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