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Fri Sep 1 16:51:45 MDT 1995

Jerry says:

<Individual nation states have an effective mechanism for the control of

Is this seems to me that most states
are vulnerable to TNC's saying...'if you don't
make our life sweet we'll go somewhere else'.
Swiss TNC's threatened to abandon Switzerland
if it jumped the wrong way on EEC membership,
various nations in the EEC are always competing
to 'attract' foreign investment by TNC's. German
auto TNC's are threatening to move jobs out
unless wages bills are cut. And of course states
less powerful than the UK are that much more
vulnerable. Added to these direct pressures
are the indirect ones exerted by the currency
markets which vote against any improper state
policy by selling the currency. A previous poster
(Steve K) has already described the attack by US
multinationals on the dollar when they suspected
the collapse of Bretton Woods. And compared to those
days the circuits of production and of capital
are far more globalised.

If the national states are so powerful vis a vis
international capital...why don't they do something
about unemployment?

Will Brown   Bristol  England

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