Marxism and the Militias

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at
Fri Sep 1 11:42:22 MDT 1995

Rakesh's response is a wonder of controlled style and concise criticism.
Accordingly, I must offer a qualified apology:
	I use the MNET provider for running PINE, a decent mail program.
PINE is great; however, the UMichigan, consistent with its generally
moronic tech policies, has imposed extremely low limits on the amount of
memory each mail file can contain.  It also refused to let users turn
their mailboxes off for any period.  So when I was in the Balkans for
about 16 days my mailbox flooded and overspilled with mail.  Ever since I
have been hacking my way through the backlog, responding, deleting,
printing, saving to disk.  I am down to about 350 messages today.  Why
does this matter?  Because the system here will, once my limit has been
exceeded, hold all subsequent pieces of mail.  Once I cut the total down
to a licit size, the system starts delivering all email *as it arrives*.
So I get some old messages, some new ones, THEN some old ones.  Example -
I read about 10 posts on Jon B-M's Hardt piece before actually receiving
the original.
	So Rakesh, a person of solid intelligence and acumen, appears to
me first in the context of some brief comments and opinions.  I respond
accordingly.  Next come these lengthy messages with documentation,
Neumann passages, sources, reasoned arguments, all after my salvos are
safely on their way to this list and its members - see why I haven't
replied?  Sorry, R.  I'll not do it again.
	As for the Southern Poverty report, I haven't read it yet, but
would like to.  Where can I get the original?

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

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