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Fri Sep 1 20:35:35 MDT 1995

I was interested to hear the comments of a "long time lurker"

In the course of these  Magnus added:

I, like some others on the list, was brought up politically in a
maoist-inspired movement.

I am afraid I cannot resist dumping onto you my projections that
anything that happens in Sweden is likely to be relatively saner than

I agree with your comments about judging arguments on their merits.
However many members of the list, if they had met maoists, would have
met examples of extreme voluntarist idealism, using symbols in an even
more mystical manner that usual in the marxist movement, and occasionally
holding up the little red book as if it had the power to exorcise evil,
like the Bible.

But perhaps maoist inspired movements in Scandinavia were too sane to
do that sort of thing?

Chris B, London

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