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Valerie Scatamburlo valeries at YorkU.CA
Fri Sep 1 22:57:52 MDT 1995

On Aug 31,  6:06pm, Lisa Rogers wrote:
> Subject: Re: Standardizing education -Reply
> Now I'm curious, how is classist distinguished from racist?  They
> seem to amount to largely the same thing in education, because class
> and race are so tightly bound together.  For instance, [I wish it
> were widely known by now, it does hit the news now and then that] on
> any national standard test of school skills, all you have to do is
> control for income and the so-called "racial differences" nearly
> disappear.

Yes, this is the case,  children of let's say a black middle class family
genreally do bettern that poor black children, I think I alluded to this, but
probably didn't make it clear and kids from poor white famililies dowworse
obviously than middle-class white kids.

> issues, how they are separable or not, or rather how they interact.
> I agree with you that these are undoubtedly intertwined  - but the issue of
cultural bias is a bit more complex - because it is the Prism of "whiteness"
which is inscribed in these things and which serves as the normative frame of
reference and this plays itself out in different ways - i.e. even if allthe
students are all poor, black and white or whatever, there's still the
question of representation. I'll have more to say on this later. -

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