Class essentialism?

Valerie Scatamburlo valeries at YorkU.CA
Fri Sep 1 23:17:05 MDT 1995

On Sep 1,  1:24pm, Matt D. wrote:
> Subject: Re: Class essentialism?
> Valerie wrote:
> >Matt, forgive me if this question has already been posed to you, but I
> >be very interested in hearing exactly what you mean when you say the
> >DETERMINES consciousness.  Are you suggesting that "class" is a sui
> >entity?  Just wondering??
> Forgive _me_ if I'm misunderstanding, but does "sui generis" mean
> thing-in-itself?  If so, let me give two answers, uh, I mean, let me
> structure a binary theorization of the problematization you've interpolated
> into our discursive horizon about the way embodied subjects (i.e. the
> of history) experience the positionality of class.
Gee Matt, thanks for the clarification of your understanding of class, but
the childish mocking  and sarcasm really weren't necessary.  I find the
"discursive" meanderings within alot of pomo really disturbing and
poltiically debilitating, so cut the crap about my interpolation into your
discursive horizon.

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