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Paul Cockshott wpc at clyder.gn.apc.org
Fri Sep 1 23:14:19 MDT 1995

I do not regard the ideas that I put forward on direct democracy
as divorced from practice.

Historically elements of them have been popular within workers
movements, the demand for direct democracy and popular legislation
was widespread in the SPD.

At present in any campaigns that I am involved in I try to raise
these issues and this conception of democracy. In the campaign
against water privatisation in Scotland, we raised the demand
that the issue be put to a referendum. After some campaigning
we got a referendum in strathclyde last year and got a 97% majority
against the governments proposals.
The referendum was 'unofficial' in that it was organised by local
rather than central government, but such a popular vote has
great moral force if one hopes to go on to a campaign of civil
disobediance, as we do.

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