Marxism and the Militias

Paul Cockshott wpc at
Fri Sep 1 23:38:24 MDT 1995

Forget the Militia for a moment.  Can we agree that in the wake of the
Keynesian failure to stabilize the trade cycle( as predicted by Paul
Mattick and Mario Cogoy among others) the capitalist state will need more
than ever an extra-legal, extra-government organ as instrument of special
and exceptional repression?

I do not agree.

I think the trend of your argument is teleological and besides
empirically unrealistic.

The abandonment of Keynesianism has as a result not only wider
trade cycles but also chronic mass unemployment. Unemployment
is the extra-governmental organ of special repression.
As a result of 15 years of it, the trades union movement here
is prostrate and there is no need for any special organ of
repression other than that provided by liberal economics.

By reducing movements like the militia to some 'need' of capital
you fail to see that they can be an autonomous response to
deteriorating social conditions.

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