Short History of the Japan Left (4)

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I think Zengakuren would be possibly in your dictionary.
"Anti Anpo struggle had been very heavy at the begginig"
remembered Akira Iwai (Chief Secretary of Sohyoh at the
time) in his book. Sohyo was a left unions' national
organization, to which over 6 mil. workers blonged. Right
 wingers had founded Doumei. Sohyo was led by left Mindou,
supporters of JCP, and other leftist activists.
At the begginig, Anti Anpo struggle could not move workers.
Workers concerns were more economical.
This situation was partly changed by the radical movement
of students. At the time, Socialist student league lead
most of student unions and called a radical movement
agaist Anpo. This made Zengakuren famous. Zengakuren
is " all japan league of student unions".
Students' actions stimulated workers. Sohyo's atittude
toward Anpo also helped. This struggle moved over one
million workers and students at the peak on 23th June,
We didn't win the struggle. However it showed power
of mass action. From this experience, parliamentarism
in JSP gradually weakend.
At the same time, Saburo Eda (Chief secretary of JSP)
proposed the change of the party's programme in line with
structural reformism that he imported from Italia. SA
responded immediately. The remaining heat of Anpo struggle
and Miike strike helped left in the party to prevent such
change of the programme. Controversy about structural
reformism, however, enriched our theory of non-armed
revolution and SA came to emphasize the importance of
mass action.
Structural reformism also influenced on JCP. The present
commitee chair Testuzo Fuwa and his elder brother Kouichiro
Ueda were famous structural reformists in the communist party.
They finally criticized theirselves and stayed in the party
but certain amount of cadre and members left the party.
Pro-Soviet people founded "Voice of Japan". Some of others
came to JSP. Some went to New Left movement.

to be continued. (next will be about Miike struggle)

# taking a coffee break and listening to Jackson Browne.
# Does anyone know wheather he is "still alive" as a socialist?

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