Louis and Paul, please

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sat Sep 2 13:52:11 MDT 1995

These are the most profound questions before those of who are for
socialism. Cottrell and Cockshott are further ahead on these questions
than anybody else on the left. I agree completely with their analysis and
am trying to integrate into my own view on socialist ecology within the
context of a global economy. I plan to turn my attentions to these
matters in several months.

I want to complete my research on the "Marxism-Leninism" question and
post the 3 articles that I promised the list. This should be finished
before October, I hope.

The other idea I want to submit for consideration by the list grows out
of a suggestion by Allin Cottrell for a cyberseminar. I think the recent
discussion of the militias points out to some difficulty we have in
applying Marxism to contradictory social phenomena. I want to propose a
seminar on Fascism, to perhaps begin sometime in the late autumn. Since
so many people on the list have characterized the militias as "fascist",
I think it would it be a good idea to see how the exact question of
fascism was approached by Marxists in the 1920's and 1930's. Two works
that I'm familiar with that be a good point of departure would be
Trotsky's "The Struggle Against Fascism in Germany" and Guerin's "Fascism
and Big Business". I, of course, am not ruling out analyses written from
another perspective, social democratic or CP. I think it would be helpful
to compare different Marxisms on this question. What do folks think?

On Sat, 2 Sep 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Now that the "communication problems" between Louis and Paul have been
> ironed out, illuminating some very interesting things on the way, I
> would like to place on record a request that both of them debate further
> the question of computers and socialism.
> Louis's lucid post on this in November last year was the first
> contribution I read on the marxism list and it formed a very favourable
> impression on me. Paul has published a paper arguing the technical limits
> can now be achieved that would allow coordinated planning of an
> entire economy by computer, as I understand it, just one.
> Both of you have technical expertise and knowledge in this vital
> area.
> I suspect that if you got into the debate further it would come
> down to
> a) the fine detail of how banks of microprocessors are linked together
> not necessarily all on one site
> b) the likely politics of how this would come about if at all -
> evolution, or revolution.
> At the technical level this is one of the defining limiting questions for
> socialism in the 21st century.
> I am sure, when you have time, neither of you will disappoint us.
> Regards,
> Chris B, London
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