Query--More jobs lost than created in the U.S.?

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At 2:45 PM 9/2/95, NealBetty at aol.com wrote:

>Does anyone have the actual figures for the number of U.S. jobs destroyed and
>the number of jobs created in the recent period--since January 1st, in 1994,
>or over the last several years? Sources would also be appreciated, even if
>you don't have the actual figures on hand. This seems important to deal with
>claims such as that people should be able to get jobs even if they are now
>unemployed or on welfare, etc.

Since a net of 4.5 million jobs were created between Jan 94 and Aug 95,
obviously the gross new job creation figure greatly outnumbers the gross
destruction figure.

The US Census Bureau's Center for Economic Studies did a very interesting
study of gross job flows in manufacturing in 1994. Under the surface,
furious amounts of creation and destruction are going. John Haltiwanger at
the Census Bureau was the lead author; the title is something like Gross
Job Flows in US Manufacturing. The Census Bureau's public info office
(pio at census.gov) could probably help you find it, if you're really



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